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Dead Head - Hipster Tunes

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January 13th, 2005

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06:51 pm - Dead Head
I've been a Dead Head my whole life. My dad had me listening to Greatful Dead albums on the turntable since I was born. Oneo fmy earliest memories is of wearing one of those footsie nighties that zip up from the leg to the neck and dancing to "Fire On The Mountain" with the lights off in the living room. I must have been about three years old.

I recently got my own copy of "Skeleton's From The Closet" so I can stop commandeering my dad's copy. I love listening to "St. Stephen" and "Uncle John's Band" one after the other over and over. "St. Steven" has one of the best openings I've ever heard. The swelling of the guitar as it rises softy to those first few notes builds a feeling within you and you know you're listening to The Grateful Dead at theor best. "Unce John's Band" is just such a feel-good-song and brings back memories of summer and hanging out with friends. "The Golden Road To Unlimited Devotion" is excellent as well, I love that dissonant ending. So many good oldies I'm convinced everyone should listen to the Greatful Dead.

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